9365 CUD War & Peace Pendant · Hallmarked Silver Silver

9365 CUD War & Peace Pendant · Hallmarked Silver Silver

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Hallmarked Silver · Handmade In UK

Inspired by the pewter War & Peace pendants produced locally in 1960s Vietnam and sold as souvenirs to visiting U.S. soldiers on tour, these pendants have been hand crafted in England using solid silver.

While most souvenirs used popular symbols of war, peace and tour maps of Asia, rarer versions promoted local tailor shops who specialised in uniform modifications, camouflage printing and the embroidery of unit badges and branch tapes.

The CUD inverts the flag semaphore of the CND symbol (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), and flips it to CUD – Campaign for Unilateral Disarmament. This in turn becomes an upside down version of the original symbol, and coincidentally also symbolises the ancient rune for life and protection.

  • Silver hallmarked
  • Maharishi bar clasp
  • 25mm pendant
  • 1.2mm gauge chain
  • Vintage styled presentation case