2069 Pearl Dragon Original Snopants · Summer Polycotton Black

2069 Pearl Dragon Original Snopants · Summer Polycotton Black

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Summer Polycotton · Chaser Embroidery · Straight Fit

Maharishi Original Snopants embroidered with a pearlescent version of the Original Dragon.

The dragon represents man’s spiritual quest for knowledge, symbolised by the pearl, just out of reach and engulfed in flames. Mythologically, the dragon takes the form of a snake or serpent with wings.The snake, with it’s entire body bound to the Earth, is most symbolic of man on Earth. Once that serpent is given wings, it comes to represent man in flight on his spiritual quest.

  • Hand-machined embroidery
  • Two front pockets with internal phone compartment
  • Two rear pockets with press snap closure
  • Adjustable patented Temple Ball cord waist and hem
  • Preformed leg pattern for knee articulation

Using a tightly woven polyester-cotton blend, this light-weight fabric is both water-repellent and quick-drying. The fabric is soft to the touch, comfortable and breathable.