3525 Seadragon Crew Sweat · Organic Cotton Sweat 450 Red

3525 Seadragon Crew Sweat · Organic Cotton Sweat 450 Red

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MAHA-RISHI Seadragon · Hand Machine Embroidery

This crew neck sweater features a hand embroidered SeaDragon motif, inspired by the Helicopter Combat Support Squadrons of the Vietnam war.

One unit named Seawolves, aka Helicopter Attack Squadron (Light) 3 or HAL-(3), featured a wolf yielding a trident; the U.S. Navy adopted the three pronged spear, leaning on ancient symbolism and the weapon of Poseidon, God of the Sea. Classical Western mythology, so often overlaps with Hinduism, who's Lord Shiva is also always depicted with Trishula, Sanskrit for ’triple-spear’. The original Seawolves logo added the Ace of Spades representing Death and the red and yellow colours of the flag of South Vietnam.

  • Hand-machined embroidery
  • Ribbed Cuffs, neck and hem
  • Available exclusively at Maharishi Online , London and NYC Stores
Organic Cotton Sweat · 100% Cotton 450gsm

Maharishi staple, essential to every season. Fairtrade, environmentally friendly, regenerative and with a lighter carbon footprint than non-organic cottons.