3571 Camo Cargo Trackpants · Cotton Sateen Twill Jungle

3571 Camo Cargo Trackpants · Cotton Sateen Twill Jungle

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DPM: Monster Tiger · Maharishi Fine Tailor Company

Taking inspiration from a French paratrooper pant, retaining the distinct thigh pockets, these cargo track pants feature AW21's DPM: Monster Tiger.

Maharishi reproduce the impossible to find Monster Tiger camo only previously available in 1960s Vietnam tailor shops who provided uniforms and modifications to visiting U.S. Advisors.

  • Four press snap cargo pockets 
  • Preformed leg for knee articulation 
  • Adjustable drawstring waist 
  • Temple ball and cord at hem 
  • Concealed side zip pocket
Cotton Sateen · 100% Cotton

1960’s era U.S. Army cotton sateen twill, reproduced exclusively for Maharishi. Used in AW21 to reproduce the uniforms worn by the U.S. Navy Riverine and helicpoter support units, as well as for Eastern utility wear of the Civilian Regular Defence Group.

The cargo straps are designed to be tied around the leg to secure cargo within the pocket and inhibit unwanted movement of the contents. The straps may also be concealed, hidden within the pocket, by passing them through a small button hole or left loose as pictured, flying in the wind.