3592 U.S. Hanten Shirt · Washed Cotton Sateen Olive OG-107FF

3592 U.S. Hanten Shirt · Washed Cotton Sateen Olive OG-107FF

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Stonewashed · Maharishi Fine Tailor Company

This Hanten Shirt has been cut from a U.S. Army Cotton Sateen. The Maha Tailor Shop carried out these cross-cultural modifications in Vietnam for the uniforms of the Civilian Irregular Defence Group.

The CIDG was set up by the U.S. government during the Vietnam war to enrol minority populations as support units to the Army. Often the unofficial uniforms they wore would combine U.S. Army / Navy fabrics with silhouettes and details more typical of the Eastern region.

  • Ribbed kimono collar
  • Centre waist tie
  • Maharishi camo / reflective side seam tab
Cotton Sateen · 100% Cotton

1960’s era U.S. Army cotton sateen twill, reproduced exclusively for Maharishi. Used in AW21 to reproduce the uniforms worn by the U.S. Navy Riverine and helicopter support units, as well as for Eastern utility wear of the Civilian Regular Defence Group.

Shown with 3596 U.S. Judo Trackpants
Model is 6'1 with a 35" chest and wears an M